In Memory of Jock Scot

Photo: Tom Jackson

Photo: Tom Jackson


Jock was an extraordinary poet and a man of tremendous wit, power and integrity. After Ian died in 2000, Jock wrote this beautiful poem as a tribute to Ian and their friendship.[/para]

Jock Scot
21/9/52 – 13/4/16


Ian’s Poem

I put all my eggs in one basket
The basket that you gave to me
One was called ‘Hope’
One was called ‘Truth’
Another called ‘Peace’
That makes three

Now a moth circles around a bare light bulb
Oddly reminding me of Francis Bacon
And then I wonder just where you are
And what connections you’re making

Yes, such a swift departure,
You left me clutching at a half-pint of lager
I looked up and you were gone
Leaving the Blockheads and all your mates
On the stage to carry on
The next generation
Bring ’em on, bring ’em on, bring ’em on

So I’m left with the eggs and the bacon
And you could be oceans away
But if, when I yell
Outside the Gates of Hell
You appear with a smile and a swagger
Maybe we can sit down in the Devil’s Arms
And order a fresh pint of lager